Brushfire currently archives all events that happened prior to January 1, 2021 (date subject to change). This improves performance and helps keep your dashboard organized! Archived events cannot be accessed directly but must be restored first. Read on to see how to access your archived events and how to restore them!

First - Locate archived events tab

  1. Navigate to the organization dashboard
  2. Click Events
  3. Click Archived
  4. Locate event to restore


Second - Restore event(s)

If you'd like to restore the event simply click Restore in the green box next to the event. This allows allows full access to the event including the event manage page to view all analytics, reports, emails, etc. The restoration process can take several seconds.Restore.png

Third - Locate the restored event

After Brushfire Restores the event the "Event restored successfully" message will appear. Since the event date is set for prior to 2021 the event will appear in the Inactive tab.  Screen_Shot_2022-11-29_at_4.37.24_PM.png

If you have questions or need any assistance Restoring a previous event please email

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