You will only have the option to delete an event if you have no attendee or order data associated with that event. Maybe you started creating an event you didn’t need because your organization went in a different direction. Perhaps you launched an event but then had to cancel it, so you never took registrations.

For whatever reason, you can delete your events with no order or attendee data with the click of a button. Just click the red trash can button next to your events. See steps and screenshots below:


Archiving an event removes it from your dashboard but continues to store your order and attendee data should you ever need it again. When an event is archived, not only does it remove access to your event from your dashboard, but we also remove everything associated with it: orders, access codes, emails, reports, promos, etc. Those all disappear and help keep the dashboard clean while improving product performance. 

Currently, Brushfire automatically archives events older than 18 months each night. Should you want to archive an event this deadline doesn’t affect, just click the red trash can button next to your events. See steps and screenshots below:


Lastly, you also have the power to restore an event that has been Archived should you ever need the data again. You will have full access to the event, including the event Manage Page to view all analytics, reports, and emails. Note that the restoration process can take several seconds.

To restore an archived event, follow the directions and screenshots below:

1. Go to Events from your Organization Dashboard and select Archived.


2. Locate the event you would like to restore and simply click Restore in the green box next to the event. Restore.png

3. After Brushfire restores the event, the "Event restored successfully," message will appear. The restored event will now appear under Inactive Events.Screen_Shot_2022-11-29_at_4.37.24_PM.png

If you have questions or need any assistance deleting, archiving, or restoring a previous event, please email

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