How do I connect my organization to DocuSign?

Brushfire has created an integration with DocuSign that allows you to require signed forms to be completed as part of the registration process. In order to utilize this feature, you'll need an account with DocuSign.

  • To get started, go to your dashboard, click Integrations, then create new (DocuSign):



  • Choose "Production" (for live events) or "Sandbox" (for testing purposes only), then the "Connect to DocuSign" Button:



  • You'll then be redirected to the DocuSign website; after you enter your login credentials you will be redirected to your new Brushfire-DocuSign integration page.
  • Click "Create" to complete the process:


  • Next, click save on the confirmation page:


You now have Created an integration between DocuSign and Brushfire! To sync a specific event and begin collecting signatures, check out this article.


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