How do I collect digital signatures for my event with DocuSign?

First, you'll need to create an integration between Brushfire and DocuSign. If you haven't done that just yet, click here for detailed instructions. In addition, you'll need at least one template (a document requiring a signature) in your DocuSign account. Please make sure to complete these steps before continuing.

  • Once your DocuSign account is connected to Brushfire, choose the event for which you'd like to accept signatures. You'll need to add a "signature" field to your event's registration form.
  • Complete this step by clicking the appropriate event from your dashboard, choosing the edit (pencil) icon, and selecting "Attendee Fields" from the dropdown list:



  • On the next screen choose "Edit", followed by the "Add Field" button, and then "Signature" (from the dropdown list).



  • Your signature field will be added to the bottom of the form. Scroll down until you locate it, click "More Options", then under "Select Template, choose the DocuSign template name that applies. If you require multiple forms to be filled out for a single event, you can repeat this step selecting a different template each time. (The names of these templates are pulled directly from your DocuSign account via your integration.)

    NOTE: Your templates have "role names" for each place someone needs to sign. These role names are exposed to Brushfire by DocuSign and that is how we connect the signatures. Once connected to brushfire DO NOT CHANGE THESE ROLE NAMES. 



  • Once you've added the signature field(s) and saved them, your event is ready to accept signatures! Here is how the process works:
  • For each signature template that is chosen, your attendees will be required to enter their name and email during registration. After they check out, they will see a confirmation page alerting them that they still need to complete an electronic signature.



  • Each attendee will then receive an email like the one below, allowing them to click through to the DocuSign website and complete the registration process:




  • As an event administrator, you will notice a new report on your manage page, entitled "Incomplete Signatures". This report will allow you to see who has or has not completed the required forms. If you have multiple signature fields, they will appear as separate reports. (In addition to viewing the report, you may also communicate via email reminding attendees with incomplete signatures that they need to fill out and sign the appropriate forms.)



If you have any questions about the steps above or would like more details on how to set up your DocuSign account, please email



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