In order to set up a paid event in Brushfire and accept funds online, you must have a payment gateway and connect that gateway to Brushfire. A payment gateway is a service that is separate from Brushfire that handles the electronic payment processing.  

Once a gateway has been configured in Brushfire, when the customer clicks "Place Order", the system contacts your payment gateway and securely transmits the customer's payment information to be processed. If there are sufficient funds and the customer has entered everything correctly, the payment gateway will send back a successful response to Brushfire and the system will let the customer know their payment has been processed and their order is complete. If the payment cannot be processed, the gateway will send back a failed response to Brushfire and the system will alert the customer of the details of the error (usually something simple like insufficient funds) and allow them to confirm their information and try again.

When the payment is successfully processed, the gateway then takes over from there and in a few days (it varies for each gateway and payment processor) the customer's funds will be deposited in your bank account.

Brushfire currently works with the following payment gateways:

We've selected these payment gateways because they all offer a certain set of functionality that provides a consistent user experience throughout Brushfire. For example, all of these payment gateways offer the ability to refund/credit transactions without us having to store sensitive payment information. Brushfire never stores sensitive payment information. We only store the name and last 4 digits of the card or account number to help you look up the transaction if you need to.

Don't have a payment gateway? Try Square!
Square offers competitive processing rates for in-person and online transactions. Connect your existing Square account or sign up for Square and connect your account to Brushfire in one easy process. All you need to get started is a bank account. Quickly connect to Square from your Brushfire account dashboard.

For instructions on how to connect Brushfire with Square, check out this article.

For instructions on how to connect Brushfire with Stripe, check out this article.

For instructions on how to connect Brushfire to your existing gateway, check out this article.

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