Unfortunately this is a very complicated answer because it depends greatly on the payment gateway in use, the schedule at which that gateway batches to the processor, the payment processor that the gateway is connected to, the schedule at which the payment processor settles to your bank account, and your bank account.  Additionally, other seemingly insignificant factors such as the type of credit card used -- and whether that card is a rewards card or a corporate card -- can also have a fairly dramatic effect.

So, our general recommendation is that you do not attempt to reconcile Brushfire directly to your bank deposit statements.  We instead recommend that you use report R210 to reconcile Brushfire against your payment gateway's reports. Once you have verified the accuracy of Brushfire against your payment gateway's reports, you can then use other reports provided by your payment gateway to reconcile from them to your bank deposits.  Unfortunately, not all payment gateways provide an interface for Brushfire to track a given transaction ID all the way to your bank deposit settlement.

HOWEVER, if you use one of our recommended payment gateways (Stripe or Push2Pay), the process is simplified greatly. For Stripe all deposits are settled exactly two days after the initial transaction occurs. This means you can reconcile a daily report for July 7th in Brushfire with your deposit for July 9th in your bank. For Push2Pay, Visa/Mastercard/Discover transactions are settled exactly two days after the initial transaction and American Express transactions are settled exactly three days after the initial transaction.  The only exceptions are rare and they involve weekends and holidays where the dates might need to be adjusted slightly.  But even in those cases, a given day in Brushfire will still match the appropriate day in your bank deposits.

If you do not use Stripe or Push2Pay, you may find some patterns, but it is unlikely they will be consistent enough for you to reliably reconcile every time and therefore it is not recommended you attempt to reconcile directly from Brushfire to your bank deposits.

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