The Brushfire App is designed to be used by event organizers and can be used to check in attendees by scanning Order QR codes (automatically included in order confirmation emails) or Attendee QR Codes (when events have e-tickets enabled as a delivery method).

PRO TIP: Send reminder emails to your attendees leading up to your event. Include check-in QR Codes and e-ticket links in emails so your guests will have their tickets ready to be scanned when they arrive to help speed up check-in.


Initial Information

The Brushfire App can be downloaded from the App Store and the Google Play Store. If you're an Android user and have used the Brushfire app prior to February 24, 2020, please delete your app and download the new one using the link above. 

View device requirements here.

How To: Brushfire Mobile Check-In App 

Log In to the Brushfire App

When you first open the Brushfire app you will be prompted to sign in to your Brushfire account. You may sign in to the app using the email address and password you use for Brushfire. You may also log in using Facebook, Google, or Twitter if you have logged in to Brushfire this way before. Each subsequent time you open the app you will automatically be logged in.

If you are an event organizer, you can set up a new scanning username and password your check in team can use to check in your attendees. 



Select the event for which you want to Check-In

Once you have signed in to the app you'll see your list of events. On this screen, tap an event to select it and move on to the next screen. If you don’t see your event listed, you may use the search functionality to find it or scroll through your full event list.


Select the session for which you want to Check-In (optional)
If your event has multiple Check-In Sessions you'll be able to select to use for check-in. If your event has only one session, the app will skip the session selection screen.


Start Scanning
Now that the scanning screen has appeared, you’re ready to begin scanning tickets. Just line up the QR Code on each ticket with the white box on the screen and wait for a success or error message.

PRO TIP: Turn up the volume on the scanning device to get audible feedback when scanning tickets to help scanning users verify check in success.



Scanning Modes
On the scanning screen, you will find a button at the bottom that allows you to select one of three scanning modes.

  • Checking In - This is the default mode. Scanning QR codes in this mode will check-in attendees.

  • Checking Out - Scanning QR codes in this mode will check out attendees that are checked in. However, once an attendee is checked out, Brushfire will no longer have the date and time for when they checked in originally.

  • Information Only - Scanning QR codes in this mode will provide attendee and order details but will not check them in.


Bulk Check-in
When scanning group or order QR codes, you will be presented with a summary of the order or group, including the total number of attendees represented. You'll be given the option to check in all attendees at once. Otherwise, you'll be presented with a list of every attendee in the group or order you scanned. Tap on the attendees you wish to check in and then tap Finish.


Please Note: At this time, attendees can only be checked-in in bulk. Attendees must be checked out individually.

Scanning Tips

  1. If you are having trouble scanning please make sure that the ticket’s QR Code is clearly visible. Remember, if you can’t see the barcode clearly on your device’s screen, then neither can your device.

  2. If the QR code is blurry on your screen, adjust the distance at which you are holding the ticket from the device until the image is in focus or point your device’s camera at a distant object and let it focus. Then, point your device back at the ticket and wait for it to autofocus.

  3. If the camera view on your device is too dark and your device is equipped with a flash, you may touch the icon at the bottom left corner of the scanning target to turn it on.

Manual Check-in
From the scanning screen, you can tap the magnifying glass to view the attendee list. If you have a large event, you will be required to search for attendees. You can search for attendees by any order, group or attendee information that Brushfire collects. We recommend that you search by Order Name or if you have collected names per attendee, Attendee Name.


If an attendee is checked in, a green line will appear next to their name along with the date and time they were checked in. If an attendee is not checked in their record will read, "Not yet checked in." You may check attendees in or out in by tapping their name.

To view more information about an attendee, touch the three dots next to their name to be taken to the Attendee Details screen. You can tap the three dots next to their order number to be taken to their Order Details.





For more information about checking in with the Brushfire mobile app, please email

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