What are checkin sessions and how do they work?

About Sessions

Brushfire's sessions feature allows you to create multiple sessions for event checkin. These sessions let you check your attendees in multiple times for a single event. This way, you can see who attended which days of your event and even who attended which breakout sessions during your event.

Session Types

Brushfire has three different types of checkin session. Custom Name sessions, Attendee Type session and Field-based sessions. Each type of session has a different method for selecting who is allowed to check in to those sessions.

  • Custom Name - Custom Name sessions are the simplest type of session. They allow any attendee to check in to them, and they allow you to give them a custom name.
  • Attendee Type - Attendee Type sessions only allow attendees with tickets of a certain type to check in. This type of session is good for managing checkin to satellite events like meet and greets or VIP banquets where people have to have bought a specific type of ticket to get in.
  • Field-Based - Field-based sessions only allow attendees who selected a certain option for one of the attendee fields you required them to fill out at checkin. This type of session can be used to check people in to breakout sessions at a conference.


Creating a Session

To create checkin sessions, take the following steps:

1. From your event's dashboard page, click the "Check-in Options" tab



2. You will see that your event already has a session called "Main Event Checkin." This is the only session that most people will need. It is a basic session that will allow you to check all of your attendees in to your event once.

3. If you need to add a session, click the "Add Session" button. You will see a row get added to the table listing your sessions. From here you can select a type of session and decide the correct options for your new session.


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