Are you having trouble with your e-tickets?

Can't find your confirmation email?

If you didn't receive an email from us at all, it is probably being blocked as SPAM. Try the tips in this article.

There is nothing attached to your confirmation email?

If the text of your email says that e-tickets should be attached, but there is nothing attached, it is likely because your email provider or email application has blocked the attachment as SPAM.  You can try re-sending your confirmation email to see if they'll come through this time. If they still don't come through, don't worry. Your confirmation email should have a QR Code in it. Simply print out your confirmation email and bring it to the event.

There is an attachment, but you cannot open it?

You need to install a PDF Viewer. You can download Adobe Reader for free.

Your printer is not printing the tickets correctly?

Unfortunately, this is likely a problem with your printer. You'll need to troubleshoot it as you would any other technical issue (try restarting both your computer and your printer, contact tech support for your printer, etc).

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