How do I send an email to my customers?

This article deals with sending emails from the organization level. If you want to send emails specific to one event, please see How do I send emails to people attending my event?

Sending Organizational Emails

Brushfire allows you to send promotional emails to everyone who has interacted with your organization in Brushfire. This tool is meant to be used for sending promotional email blasts to notify potentially interested parties about events you have coming up. To send this type of email, take the following steps:

1. From your organization's dashboard, select "Emails" from the left sidebar.

2. Click the green "Create New Email" button

3. Next, select who you would like to send this email to. You can either send the email to everyone who has placed an order for your organization, or you can send it to every email address Brushfire has for your organization. This includes users and all Email type fields you may have set up for any event you have created.


4. You may choose to filter who the email is sent to by Event or Product. This way you can send an email to only people who bought tickets to certain events or purchased certain products.

5. Next, you need to fill out the sender information. The From Name is the name that will appear in the From line of the email, and the Reply To Address will be the email address that replies to this email will be sent to. The address information will be added as a footer to your email. This information is required by law for any mass emails sent out over the internet.


6. Now, you should specify the content of your email. You have two options, Basic and Advanced HTML

Basic - The Basic email does most of the design work for you allowing you to focus on content. This type of email will allow you to select a banner image for your email header from your Media Gallery. It also automatically creates the required footer with your address information and unsubscribe link. The content you specify will be placed between the generated header and footer

Advanced HTML - Advanced HTML gives you ultimate flexibility. You are free to style your email however you wish, and you can type whatever HTML you want in the content area. The only requirement is that you must place the text ##FOOTER## somewhere in your code. Brushfire will replace the ##FOOTER## with your sender information and unsubscribe link. This option is recommended only for people with experience coding web pages.



7. At this point, you have the option to view a preview of the email in a new window or send a preview email to any email address.

8. Last, you select when the email should be sent. You can save it as a draft, which will save the email but not send it, you can send the email as soon as you save it, or you can schedule the email to be sent at a future time.


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