How do I submit a new event?

We know your event is very important to you and we want to make sure everything is perfect. Every event has its own set of intricate details that need to be set up just right to make sure everything goes smoothly. To help ensure everything is accurate for your event, we are pleased to set up your events for you. In order to do that, we just need a little bit of information about your event so we can get it set up and you can look it over.  The process for getting us that information is the New Event Submission form.

To submit a new event, you can either:

The form is broken down into sections:


At the top of the page, we need to collect your information. This way, when we have any questions, we know who to contact to get everything perfect. These fields will be saved for you the next time you fill out the form so you don't have to enter them again.


These are the basic details for your event: The title, the category, and how your customers will get a hold of you if they have questions.  An email address is always required, but a phone number is optional.


Does your event have a physical location? If so, let us know here. We've connected this form to Google's Map API so we can help you look up the address quickly. If Google doesn't know about your address, you can always enter it manually using the "Enter Manually" link at the right.  If your event is a webcast or something that doesn't have a location, you can safely leave any/all of these fields blank.


Next, we need to know when your event takes place -- including the time zone.  The system defaults to a date one month in the future, but you can change it to any date/time. You can also choose to specify an end date or add a door time using the links and switches available here. If you need to add more dates (for example, if your event is a 3-day conference and you want to record the start and end time for each day), you can click the green "New Date" button and the system will allow you to enter more. If you make a mistake, you can click the red trash can icon on the right side of any date to remove it. Similarly, if your event doesn't have any specific date at all, you can remove all dates by clicking the trash can until there are no dates left.


Do you want this event available to the public or is this just an admin-only event? The system defaults to being available to the public, but you can change that or the dates that it is available. The defaults are two days from today for the start and 1 hour after your event's final start time.


This is where we find out the options you provide for people to sign up for your event. Do you have adult/children pricing? Do you have VIP seating? Do you want to pass on fees or allow for multiple payments? There are a lot of variations to the options here, so you can type just about anything in the "Notes" field to help us figure out what you need.


We're almost at the end, but there are usually a few other things our customers want to let us know about. Here you can provide capacity or tell us if the event has assigned seating and how you want to fulfill tickets (if any). If there is information you want to collect per person or just any other information we haven't asked you yet, you can provide that here.


Do you have a flyer for your event? Or perhaps a PDF of a form you used in the past you want us to use as a reference point. You can attach any file(s) you have here up to 50 MB.

When you're done with everything on this page, click the "Submit Event Details" button and the system will process your submission and let you know if there were any errors.


If your submission is successful, you'll see this alert letting you know we got it and how things will proceed from here. If you don't see this page, we did not get your submission. 

You can now get back to the details of planning your event and we'll handle the rest!

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