Follow these steps to cancel an order and/or process a refund:

  1. Find the original order for the person in question.
  2. At the top of the order details page, click the "Cancel/Adjust" button and you will be presented with a new page.
  3. On this page, you will see the full details of the order as it existed when originally placed.
    • For Partial Refunds or Adjustments your goal is to adjust this order to make it as it should have been.
    • For Cancellations or Even Exchanges, you need to completely remove the attendee(s) from the order. To do this, you just simply click the trash can icon to the left of the attendee that you want to cancel. The row for that attendee will disappear and the refund amount will be automatically calculated. Attendees who have already been cancelled will not have a trash can icon next to their name. You can also click the trash can icon next to the event name to cancel all attendees.
  4. If you wish to assess a penalty for this cancellation, there is a box near the total labeled "Change Fee" and you can simply type in the amount of the penalty you wish to assess. The refund amount will be automatically updated.
  5. Once the refund amount is the desired amount, scroll to the bottom and fill out the necessary order information:
    • The billing address and contact information will be pre-filled with the information from the original order. You may change it if necessary.
    • If you do not want to send a confirmation email of this change (often helpful for administrative changes that do not require alerting the customer), simply uncheck the box that says "Send email confirmation of this change" below the customer's email address.
    • If the original order was made recently with a credit card, it is recommended that you reference the original transaction for payment. This will automatically apply the refund back to the card that was used without having to re-enter the payment information. If that is not available, you can select another payment method to issue the refund
    • EXCHANGES: If you are processing an exchange, select Exchange as the payment method. This allows you to keep the money from their order to apply to their new order. When processing their new order you'll use Exchange as the payment method to complete the process. 
    • If the event has assigned seating, you'll have an option to release the seat back into the available inventory of seats for others to purchase or you can choose to hold it in case you need it for another reason.
    • If you have any notes you'd like to record about this change (these will only be visible to other users and not the customer) you can do so. This is often helpful if the change being made is confusing or if another user needs to follow up on something.
  6. If all the information is correct on this page click the large green or red button (it will be red for a refund and green for a new charge) to process the change.
  7. Once the system processes the change, you will be presented with a page letting you know the change was processed successfully.

For a demonstration of this process, check out this video.

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