How do I install a Practical Automation ITX ticket printer?

Installing a Practical Automation ITX ticket printer is a delicate process. Attention to detail is crucial, as installing these printers must be done in a certain order.

Please Note: the Practical Automation ITX series of ticket printers does not work with the OS X operating system. These printers work with Windows XP and newer. For best performance we recommend using Windows 7 or newer.

Follow these steps to install a Practical Automation ITX ticket printer on your Windows machine:

  1. Download the appropriate driver from the Practical Automation website. Be sure to download the Reverse Landscape version of the driver for your operating system. The files for these drivers will end in the letters "rl."
  2. Once you've downloaded the driver, unzip the files, and use the Windows device manager to add a new printer. Be sure to check the model of Practical Automation printer that you have and to select that option when choosing the driver to use. Most are either 2001 or 3002G.
  3. After you've installed the driver, with the power to the printer turned off, plug the printer's USB cable into your computer.
  4. Then turn on the printer's power. Windows should now find your printer and add it to your machine using the drivers that you previously installed. After the installation process is complete, make sure that you can print a test page.

If you encounter any issues during installation you can contact technical support at Practical Automation 203-882-5640 or fill out a support request form.

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