The detailed reports in Brushfire are natively generated in the report viewer as a PDF and most PDF viewers will provide you with an option to print or save right there in the report portion of your browser window. However, if you need more flexibility (or just can't find those options), Brushfire makes it quick and easy to export detailed reports both as a downloadable PDF or Microsoft Excel document.

Once you've selected the report you need and have the parameters set the way you want them, look for the blue "Run Report" button at the top right corner of the page.  If you want to just run the report inside Brushfire, you can just click that button and the report will appear below the parameters.  If you want more options, click the right side of the button that has a downward pointing triangle and you'll be presented with 2 more options.  To download as a PDF select the first option. To download as a Microsoft Excel (.xslx) file, select the second option.  The PDF or XLSX document will be downloaded via your browser's normal download mechanism (for most current browsers, there will be some indication at the top or bottom of your browser that tells you the progress of the file download as well as allowing you to open it when it is downloaded).

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