What is an area and how do I create one?

What is an Area?

Areas are a tool to help you organize your Brushfire events and customize them as groups.  For example, if you need to sell tickets to multiple showings of your christmas production as well as allow people to register for a series of classes on money management, you can create an area for your christmas prodution as well as an area for your money management classes. This can allow people to go to https://{yoursubdomain}.brushfireapp.com/{yourarea} a specific area's events.

In addition to organizing your events, areas also allow you to customize the look and feel of the pages generated for your events.  Creating an area allows you to set themes for groups of your events. This way, each event or series of events you hold can have its own custom look and feel.


Creating an Area

To create an area, take the following steps:


  1. Click "Dashboard" in the menu from any page to go to your organization's dashboard.
  2. Once you are on your dashboard, select "Areas" in the left sidebar. 
  3. Click the green "Add Area" button.
  4. Fill out the form and click "Save" to create your area. Keep reading for more information about the different attributes of an area.

Area Properties

  • Area Name - This is the name of your area. This name will be used by Brushfire to reference your area everywhere it appears.
  • Area URL - This is the URL people will use to navigate to your area's home page that lists all of the area's events
  • Home URL  - This URL can be used to link to an external page related to your event. This is the URL that your area's banner image will link to. This URL should point to a page you have created that give more information about your events. If you do not specify a URL, this link will be set to your Area URL
  • Text Color - This is the default color for text on any event pages in your area as well as your area home page.
  • Link Color - This color will be used for all links on any event pages in your area as well as your area home page.
  • Font - This is the font that will be used for all event pages in your area as well as your area home page.

Advanced Options

The advanced area options gives you far greater flexibility over the styling of pages in your area. Change these options ONLY if you have experience with CSS and HTML. Entering invalid values in this section of the wizard will adversely affect the look and functionality of your event pages.


  • Area Body - This setting uses the css background property to change the look of your Area’s background. We recommend that if you would like to use a background Image, you should upload it to your Organization’s Brushfire Media Library.
  • Area Header - The area header is placed directly above the auto-generated Brushfire content for each page in your Area. You may use a background color, select an image from your Brushfire Media Library, or provide custom HTML by changing the HTML/CSS switch above the Area Header well to HTML

Custom HTML Templates

By selecting the  HTML Template tab under advanced options, you can specify custom HTML content to wrap around the content that Brushfire auto-generates for each event.

  • HTML Template - This is where you should enter any HTML content that will wrap around Brushfire’s content. Brushfire will insert its content in place of the string ##CONTENT##, so make sure that this string appears in the location where you would like Brushfire to insert content into your HTML.
  • Custom Scripts - In this box, you may enter any custom javascript that you would like to execute on pages in this Area.


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