Making payments on your event registration is easy!

If you registered for an event that has a payment plan enabled, your confirmation email will contain a link you can use to make a payment toward your outstanding balance.

Click the Make a payment option in your confirmation email to pay an amount towards your outstanding balance. The payment will be applied and your outstanding balance will be reduced automatically after you've made a successful payment.


Alternatively you can click in the Full Order Details link in your confirmation email to view/update attendee details for attendees registered via this order.

When viewing your Full Order Details, you will be able to select an attendee to see available options for that attendee. Balance details will be displayed in Red for attendees in this order who have outstanding balances. 

Click on MAKE A PAYMENT to make a payment for the attendee. Repeat the process for each attendee who owes a balance.




Via Order Look Up

Attendees can click on the "Make A Payment" link on the DETAILS section of the event registration page and enter an email address to receive a link to access registrations associated with their email address.



Registrants can also click the Find My Tickets button at the bottom of the registration page or visit to look up orders, groups (if you are a group leader), and make payments for attendees you registered or for members of your group.




If you need additional help making a payment, contact your event's organizer.

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