Can I use Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking with Brushfire?

Yes! If you want, Brushfire can push your sales data to Google Analytics so that you can track your sales with the Google Analytics Ecommerce tools.

Setting up Google Analytics Ecommerce

 In order to track Brushfire transactions through Google Analytics, you must activate Ecommerce tracking both in your event in Brushfire and on your Google Analytics account.  

To activate Ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics, please follow the steps on the Google Analytics Ecommerce Setup page.

Take the following steps to activate Ecommerce tracking in Brushfire.

1. Locate the Tracking page on your event's dashboard.

2. Enter the UA number for your Google Analytics account and select "Yes" to turn on Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking.


3. Brushfire will now begin reporting successful transactions to Google Analytics.

A Note About Referrals

Because of the structure of the Brushfire website, any page hits on the checkout page will be listed as a referral from your Brushfire subdomain (i.e. "") This can be avoided by adding your Brushfire subdomain as a referral exclusion to your Analytics property. The following Google article explains how to do this.

Referral exclusions - Analytics Help

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