Is there a cost to use Brushfire?

Free Events

If your event is free, then there is no cost to use Brushfire (except in certain circumstances where additional features or services are added).

Paid Events

For paid events, you will be billed at a rate per attendee. Most often, our rate is $1.00 per attendee plus 1.00 % of the price of the attendee.  In certain circumstances, additional features, services, or volume may dictate that a different rate is offered to your organization. Please contact us at for more information about our rates. For detailed information on how fees are calculated please review our Billing Terms.

For paid events, you have the option of passing on our fees to your customers so there is no cost to you at all.

Regardless of whether you pass on our fees, Brushfire does not take the fees out of each order at the time of the order. We calculate the total amount of attendees and transactions each month and bill you for that separately. For more information on how we bill, check out this article.

Credit Card Processing

To process payments through Brushfire, you must connect a Payment Gateway. These payment gateways all charge their own fees and are completely separate from any fee that Brushfire charges. They will take their fees out of each credit/debit card transaction that is processed.

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