How do I make payments for several attendees at once?

If you've registered a group and need to pay your balance you can easily make payments for several attendees at once.

Go to the event page and click "Manage My Group" or use the link that you received to make payments.

When looking at the list of attendees in your group you'll notice a blue box at the top of the page that says, "Want to make payments for several attendees at once?"


Any outstanding balance for your attendees will be shown in red in the "Amount" column. For example an amount that shows $50.00 of $175.00 means that you've paid $50.00 of $175.00 and still owe $125.00.

Select the checkbox to the left of each attendee/ticket you'd like to make a payment for and then click the "Make Payment for Selected" button.


You'll then see a box to enter in the amount that you'd like to pay for each attendee as well as the total amount of all payments.


Click the "Make Payments" button to proceed to enter your payment information and click the "New Charge" button. You'll receive a confirmation receipt via email.

If you need additional help making payments for several attendees at once, please contact your event's organizer.

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