We assist many organizations with registrations and ticketing for their conferences, concerts, camps, Christmas performances, banquets, fundraisers, classes and registrations for online streaming events.

We have the tools and the team to make your events happen!

Whether you are getting ready to sign up, or just need a refresher, these 8 steps will get you started with Brushfire.

Step 1- Sign Up!

Sign up at new.brushfire.com.

You can set up your account and submit your first event all in one step. We’ll create your account and send instructions to log in and set your user password. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions to log in and choose a password.

Step 2 - Submit Your Event Details

You can provide the details of your event at new.brushfire.com if you did not already do that when signing up. We'll get back to you with any questions! If your event requires assigned seat ticketing, please include a floor plan or seating chart of your exact seat layout.

If you've already completed this step, skip to the next item in the checklist. Your first event typically takes the longest to get set up. Once you're familiar with the process, you can set up your own events or duplicate existing event setups in your Brushfire Dashboard. 

Step 3 - Billing Profile

Brushfire fees are calculated and are payable by credit card at the end of each billing period. 

You'll need to add a credit card to your billing profile before your event goes on sale. Just let us know if you'd like to pay by bank transfer (ACH) instead. Complete your billing profile and learn about how Brushfire fees are calculated at brushfire.com/billing. For more information on Brushfire's automated billing view the Billing FAQs.

Step 4 - Connect Your Payment Gateway (Paid Events Only)

Brushfire allows you to collect all of the proceeds from your events.  You can use your own payment gateway or quickly sign up with Square to start selling for your events. To see a list of payment gateways compatible with Brushfire, with instructions to get connected, view our Payment Gateway FAQs

Step 5 - Add Organization & Event Artwork

Brushfire will use your organization's logo and event artwork to get your event pages set up. You can easily update your branding and add promotional images to your events to personalize them. For instructions on uploading artwork that you want included for your organization or event to your media library, view the Media Library FAQs. View a detailed list of artwork specifications here: Artwork & Branding FAQs.

Step 6 - Add More Users

Chances are you won't be the only one using Brushfire in your organization. Brushfire is the perfect solution for churches or organizations with multiple departments or event teams. You can easily add new users and set privilege levels. View the User FAQs for instructions on adding users, setting privilege levels, and controlling event access. 

Step 7 - Go Live and Manage Your Attendees

We're often asked what the next steps are to using Brushfire after your first event is set up. We've compiled a list of articles to help you with using Brushfire now that your first event is up and running. This will get you started: 

Step 8 - Ask us!

Remember that you can find detailed instructions and helpful tips by visiting our help documentation at get.brushfire.help. You can also email our support team at any time. 

We are constantly updating existing tools in Brushfire and work hard to bring new functionality to Brushfire with each update.

Ask us about live stream registration and ticketing, call center service for large events, event-specific Apps, integrations with other software packages and more.

Start managing events faster today.


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