What is Audience Insights?


Every event gathers data, but what information can you get, what can you see? Audience insights will let you better know, connect, reach, and influence your attendees. View your data like never before!

Analytics View
Audience Insights allows you to visualize previously unavailable data about your event attendees. Inside of the Brushfire manage page, under the "Analytics" tab, you will now see five data points. Those data points include Gender, Generation, Ethnicity, Household Income, and Relationship Status. Use this data to better know, market, and impact your attendees.


Audience Insights Analytics View is currently available to select Brushfire clients and will be publicly available in late 2019.

In additional to visualizing data about your event attendees Audience Insights gives you the ability to take the next step in digital marketing for your events.

Look-alike Audience
Want to see more of the data? With the help of our friends at Gloo, we can provide a more finely tuned look-alike audience for your digital marketing campaigns! All we need you to do is answer our audience questionnaire, and we'll get to work on a new custom audience model allowing you to market more strategically for your events. 

Audience Activation
Here's the fun part! Using your past event attendee data, we can now push your custom look-alike audience to Facebook for a targeted marketing campaign. Stop guessing on who you think is interested in your event and target the people who are more likely to purchase!

Audience Activation Overview

Interested in Audience Activation?

How does it work?
You may be wondering, “where this data is coming from?” or “how do I know that this data is correct?” Our partners at Gloo have put together a guide to answer some of the most frequently asked questions around data sources, statistical analysis, and privacy. You can read the full guide here.

Interested in learning more?
Our friends at Gloo have built the world's first data platform focused on helping improve the lives of individuals, the health of families, and the vitality of communities. You can use Gloo Insights to tailor your message, attract more people, and build trusting relationships.

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