What's a URL Key? Glad you asked! When you have multiple related events, like camps, that you want to group and promote via a similar URL structure, you would use the same URL Key.


If you would like to update it, follow these steps.

1. Select "Main Details" from the Manage Page.


2. Type the preferred name of the URL.


3. You can also get to the "Main Details" page from your Dashboard.


4. Don't forget to save!


Note: All events that share the same URL Key will be displayed together at that URL Key. If the events share the same theme, the common theme will be used for the URL Key Event Listing. 

If events do not share a common theme, the event listing page will default to the default organization branding. The organization theme can be updated in your Organization Dashboard.

The thumbnails (specifications listed here) displayed on event listing pages can be selected for each event on the event's Tracking Edit Tab after being uploaded to your Media Libary.


Need help with the new Manage Page? Check out this article.



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