Billing Terms

The following terms are pursuant to the Terms of Use for this site as outlined in that document with the addition of the parameters and guidelines specified below.

When processing payments each period (according to the procedures specified in the Automatic Recurring Billing Agreement) for an organization ("Your Organization") using Brushfire ("Brushfire"), Brushfire will apply the following guidelines to calculate usage fees:


  • All events are billed at a per-attendee rate that is a combination of a fixed amount per attendee and a percentage of the attendee price. These values vary based upon services offered and are often negotiated on a per organization and per event basis.

  • The current billing rate for an event is comprised of several components associated with enabled features, special payment methods, or both. The current billing rate for any event for Your Organization can be seen in detail on the "Billing" tab in the dashboard for that event. The aggregated rate for each event is also displayed on the R900 Billing Summary report that can be generated for any period from Your Organization's Billing page.

  • Each period will only be billed for attendees that registered during that period.

  • A paid attendee in this context is an attendee who has a positive, non-zero "Price." The Price is defined as the sum of (1) the base price of the attendee and (2) any add-ons (additional features attached to the attendee that increase/decrease the base price) across all transactions for the specified period.

  • Paid attendees will be subject to the per-attendee rate (flat + percentage) that has been set for this event.

  • Percentage fees are calculated based upon the Price as defined above. Discounts, taxes, delivery charges, or penalties are never involved in calculation of fees.

  • A free (or comped) attendee in this context, therefore, is an attendee who has a zero Price as defined above. Please note that a discounted attendee (even 100%) is not the same as a free attendee by this definition, and is therefore still subject to the fees (calculated against the original Price) associated with paid attendees.

  • Free attendees are not subject to any fees unless other features (call center service, advertising, etc) have been enabled or another structure has been negotiated.

  • Brushfire provides You with the ability to pass on Brushfire fees or assess your own fees to the customer during checkout. Free attendees (as well as 100% discounted attendees) are never charged a fee during checkout regardless of what fee structure is set for the event.

  • Brushfire fees will be assessed on all attendees as outlined above and will not be refunded for any cancelled attendees (except for "Exchange" and "Consignment" sales as described below).

  • There are two payment methods in Brushfire called "Exchange" (used when doing an even-dollar-amount switch for an attendee) and "Consignment" (used for offline sales where unsold tickets are then returned to Brushfire). Since these two payment methods are explicitly designed for use-cases involving refunds, only attendees that are never refunded to Brushfire will be assessed fees.

  • If an event is canceled, all of the above rules still apply to attendees registered prior to the event being canceled. This is because Brushfire's services were used to create the event, register the attendees, AND cancel the attendees. Additionally in certain circumstances, Brushfire may assess a one-time fee of up to $1000.00 USD for its time and involvement in a canceled event if we have participated heavily in the setup and configuration of the event.

  • Active product storefronts are billed a flat, monthly rate regardless of volume of products or transactions.

  • Miscellaneous costs (e.g. hardware, travel, manual adjustments) will be applied to each invoice and are not connected to any specific event or store.

  • Any manually created refunds, discounts, or other adjustments will be issued as future credits or charges. No transfers originating from Brushfire to Your Organization will be made.

  • Anytime there is a change in fee structure for Your Organization or any store or event within Your Organization, You and the Billing Contact will receive email notification detailing the changes and comparing the current structure to the previous structure. You hereby agree that notification serves as both confirmation of the change and Your agreement to the change as outlined in the notification. If You object to the change made by a Brushfire employee or You or the Billing Contact did not initiate the change, you may contact Brushfire immediately via the methods specified in the notification email to ensure that the rates are set correctly and matching the desires of both You and Brushfire.

  • Violation, manipulation, or abuse of any of these guidelines is considered a breach of Brushfire's terms of use and is subject to immediate termination of Your Organization's account, retroactive billing, penalties, or all of the above.

International Rates

All of Brushfire's billing is done in U.S. Dollars (USD). Brushfire has established a flat rate of $1.50* USD per paid attendee, as defined above, for organizations outside of the United States. Brushfire fees may be remitted by internaional wire transfers in USD only. For wiring instructions please contact us by emailing

*Rates may vary by organization

Changes to Billing Terms

Brushfire reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change the Billing Terms outlined above. The most current version of the Terms will supersede all previous versions and are effective according to the date that the commit was issued. To view commit history for these terms, please visit this page. Brushfire encourages you to periodically review these Billing Terms to stay informed of our updates.

Contact Us

Brushfire welcomes questions or comments in writing regarding these Billing Terms. Please contact Brushfire in writing at:

PO Box 77122
Fort Worth, Texas 76177

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