Add an online option to your event in 3 easy steps:

1. Create a Stream

Whether you use simple setup like a single PTZ camera, a smartphone to create a video feed, or a live production team, Brushfire online allows you broadcast your video using any service that generates an Embed Code or Video URL. Broadcast live or pre-recorded content from Facebook Live, YouTube, Vimeo, Boxcast, Living as One, Twitch, and many others. Learn more about creating a stream here.

2. Customize your Page

Sign up for Brushfire Online here or if you already have an account, go to


Tell us when you'll be broadcasting, insert the embed code or link to your broadcast, customize the options you would like on your page, and our team will help configure a great-looking, reliable online destination to host your online content.

See this help article Getting Started: Dashboard Overview to start configuring your Brushfire Oline Profile, Channels and Content Pages.

You'll provide the branding, links, and any related content that supports your event mission and goals, and we'll help make sure your audience stays focused on what matters most.

3. Connect your Audience to your Content

Promotion is the secret to great attendance for any event.

Use email, social media, and other ways to get the word out and promote your page. Build connection and community around your online events. Simplify promotion by having specific links you can use to promote channels or related event types.

A single Brushfire Online subscription for your organization gives you access to a single online destination for all your virtual events and related digital content. 

It’s flexible, reliable, and gives you a deeper connection with your attendees. 

You can count on our support to create professional and reliable streaming options for online conferences, services, webinars, classes and more. Integrate Brushfire Online with Brushfire’s proven suite of event ticketing, registration, and management tools to take your events to the next level.

See other help articles related to Brushfire Online here.






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