Add a new Channel

Brushfire Online allows you add multiple channels for your organization. Channels are containers to which you will add your video as well as related content like a video archive of previously recorded content. Channel URL's are the links you can promote to your viewers.

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Click on your Organization Name in the top left corner of the dashboard to view your channel list. If you do not have any existing channels, click on the PLUS icon to add your first channel. 

After creating a channel, channels can be edited by clicking on the Pencil Icon on each channel thumbnail.


Add your channel details. The Channel URL is the link you will use to promote this channel. When viewers view your channel, live content or upcoming content will be prioritized followed by past content and other on-demand content.


Customize your Channel Appearance

Upload your channel Artwork. The header image is optional.
Choose whether you would like to customize your channel appearance to differ from the appearance that you set when editing your organization details.

Click SAVE.

Next: Add Video Content to your Channel.

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