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Brushfire Online allows you to add multiple channels for your organization. Channels are containers where you add your video as well as related content like a video archive of previously recorded content. Channel URL's are the links you can promote to your viewers.




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How To Add Channels

Click on the CHANNELS menu item on the left side of the dashboard to view your channel list. If you do not have any existing channels, click on the PLUS icon (top right) to add your first channel. 

After creating a channel, channel edit options are available by clicking the Options Menu Icon (three dots) on each channel thumbnail.


Add/Edit Channel Details

Name - Create a name that best communicates your channel to the viewers

URL - The Channel URL is the link you will use to promote the channel.

Pro Tip - Live or upcoming content is prioritized followed by past content and other on-demand content.



Customize Channel Access

Visibility - Channels set to PRIVATE are not visible to attendees visiting your organization profile or accessing your online event via the ONLINE EXPERIENCE LINK or ACCESS MY EVENT link.
Availability - Set when the Channel is Available. By setting the After or Between dates the Channel is not visible in the Channel list until the set time. The options are:
  • Always
  • After a specified date
  • Between two dates
  • Until a specified date
Brushfire Event - Connect your Brushfire event to a Brushfire Online Channel using the 6 digit event number. By doing this you control which ticket or registrant types can view your Channel and the Content.
Want more information about this feature? Learn more about that here.

Customize your Channel Theme

The default theme for your Channel(s) is set under the Settings Menu when you first created your account. To modify the main theme navigate to Settings - Theme. 
Pro Tip - Each Channel is 100% customizable meaning you can have unique graphics, links and text in each channel!

Customize Default Video (Optional)

A Default video will loop in your channel prior to any scheduled content going live. The default video will disappear when scheduled content goes live.
Pro Tip - If your Availability setting is "Between" or "After" attendees may not see the video.


Add Links to your Channel

You have the option to add links to the top navigation bar in your channel. 

Pro Tip - If you add links in the Settings Menu they will appear across ALL channels. Links added to individual channels will overwrite links in the Settings Menu.


To add links click the Add (+) button and choose the type of link to add: URL, HTML or Integration.

Learn more about adding links here.



Next: Set up your Channel appearance and themes.

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