Audience Reactions and Chat Overview

Audience Interactions


If you specify a start time for your broadcast, participants can interact with your live content in real-time via live moderated chat and via audience reactions.
Audience reactions have to be enabled by administrators in the content dashboard.

Reactions can be toggled on or off by viewers using the "bell" icon.



If you choose to allow chat during your broadcast, participants can enable chat in the sidebar. Viewers can sign in with Google, Facebook, an email, or simply a nickname. Viewers can comment, like other comments or flag comments as inappropriate.
Your Admin Users and Chat Moderator Users are labeled as hosts and easily have the ability to moderate chats as they occur. In addition to commenting, liking and flagging comments, hosts can delete audience comments and ban users and remove all previous comments in a chat session using the tool icons in the chat dialogue.
Chat is disabled when broadcasts are not live. Past chat comments remain visible on past content. To hide these, you can disable chat in your content dashboard.


To enable Chat for your broadcast, sign in at

Navigation is done by selecting options in the Navigation bar at the top. 

  • Click on the "Pencil" icon in your navigation bar to configure your Organization Profile and Channel Options. 
  • Select your Organization Name to view your Channel Listing.
  • Select your Channel Name to view the related content added to a Channel. 
  • Click on the "Pencil" icon to edit the features associated with the Content. 


Enable Chat. 


Click SAVE. 

The Chat Host Panel

The Chat Host Panel can be accessed by clicking on the "Chat" icon that appears under your scheduled content in your Channel listing in the dashboard.



Live chat is a great complement to live broadcasts and simulated live broadcast events and a great way to stay connected and engaged with your community. 

See this help article about the Chat Host Panel.

See this help article about adding Interactions and setting up One-on-One Chat Interactions.

Adding a link for your audience to initiate one-on-one chat with a host



Chat requests will be appear in the Chat Host Panel during a broadcast.


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