How do I promote my content?

Brushfire Online allows you to have multiple channels in your account. Uses for channels include Adults, Kids and Youth or Sunday, Mid-Week or Prayer. 

Organization View

You are able to set an Organization URL by Editing your Client Information in your dashboard. When you promote your organization URL, viewers are able to choose from any of the channels you have added in your Brushfire Dashboard.

Private Channels do not show up in this view. Attendees can click on your logo in the top left to access this view unless you customize your Logo URL.


Promoting a Channel View

Channels are used to set up viewing experiences, showing upcoming content, related content and, or any on-demand content you have assigned to the channel in your dashboard.

You can set a Channel URL Key which will display all the related content in your Channel. 

The channel URL is what you will typically use to promote your content. The Channel URL can stay the same and will show any content you assign to it. 

Channel URL's are also used to send attendees their Unlock Link if you have enabled Brushfire Paywall Integration in your channel settings. Read more about our integration with Brushfire events here.



Promoting a Single Experience inside a Channel

If a channel only contains one Content Option, it will appear as the default video when you promote your Channel URL.


Learn more about adding Content to your Channel.

Learn more about adding Live Moderated Chat to Content in your Channel.


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