Brushfire Online allows you to add multiple channels for your organization. Channels are containers to which you will add Content (the pages on which individual videos will appear). Channels can contain a single video or multiple related videos like a video archive of previously recorded content.

How to add Video Content to an Existing Channel 

Sign in at https://online.brushfire.com/dashboard/

Click on the "Content" tab in the top left corner of the dashboard to view your channel list. If you do not have any existing channels, click on the "Channel" tab to add your first channel. Refer to this help article about adding channels.



Content refers to the container for each Video you want to appear within a channel. 

To add content to a channel, select the "+" in the upper right corner.



If your channel does not have existing videos, new videos can be added to a channel by clicking on the PLUS icon.

Adding Content Details and Scheduling

First, choose your content type. Live, Simulated Live, or On Demand.



You can use an embed code (for Live broadcasts) or a Video URL from your chosen streaming provider to schedule Pre-Recorded or On-Demand content.

Once you have decide on the type of content you want to make available, fill in your main details and choose the Channels you would like the Video Content connected to.


Add any further visibility information. Read more about this here.

*Please note. Setting your content as private should be used for internal use only. Nobody will have access to the content unless they use a direct link if this is checked. 




Add your Video Details

*This page will change depending on if you have chosen Simulated Live, On Demand or Live.

Add in your video URL or embed code.

Choose the start time & date. This is what will show on your thumbnail and the video as the start time.

Add any Video Pre-Play time. 

* Video Pre-Play is if you would like the video and chat to open before the start time. You may use this is a pre-roll time, advertising time, etc. 

Add the Video Duration.

* Video Duration is the total length of the video (Including Video Pre-Play). It is important to have this at the correct length as when it hits the number of minutes the video will disappear. A tip for a live video is to always set it longer than you think it may last. You can always adjust this number at any time.



Select any engagement options you would like to use.

Add any Links. You can read more about adding Links here. 

Add any interactions. You can read more about adding interactions here.

Click Save!


Existing content can be edited, and copied via the menu that can be accessed by clicking on the ellipsis (three dots) that appears on each content thumbnail in your Content Dashboard.


Testing Upcoming Content

Testing can be done by duplicating any existing channel and setting it to private on the channel access edit tab.

To do an early test of your scheduled content, you can simply duplicate any upcoming content you've created, assign it to the test channel and update the date and time you want it to go live.  Then you will see everything exactly as attendees will when the actual content is set to go live.

Then go directly to the preview link for your private test channel to review the test content you scheduled.


Learn more about simulated live content here.

Learn about scheduling simulated live content here.


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