How do I add Videos to my Channel in Brushfire Online?


Brushfire Online allows you to add multiple channels for your organization. Channels are containers to which you will add Content (the pages on which individual videos will appear). Channels can contain a single video or multiple related videos like a video archive of previously recorded content.

How to add Video Content to an Existing Channel 

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Click on your Organization Name in the top left corner of the dashboard to view your channel list. If you do not have any existing channels, click on the PLUS icon to add your first channel. Refer to this help article about adding channels.



Content refers to the container for each Video you want to appear within a channel. 

To add content to a channel, select the Channel thumbnail to which you want to add content.

If your channel does not have existing videos, new videos can be added to a channel by clicking on the PLUS icon.

Adding Content Details and Scheduling


Add your content Name, Description and VIDEO Content Type.


How do I schedule a pre-recorded Broadcast (Simulated-Live) in Brushfire Online? 

Live content requires an Embed Code from your streaming provider. Pre-recorded content can be added using a stream URL and can be played on-demand or by setting up a simulated live broadcast where all viewers view your video in sync, enabling real-time chat interactions with your content and with each other.  

Copy your Streaming URL or Embed Code from your video into the Video URL or Embed Code field. Refer to this help article about using different services to host your video.  

Editing Content



Additional videos can easily be added by duplicating existing video containers and then updating the poster images and video embed codes.


View your Content by selecting the "Globe" icon next to your Channel Name in the Navigation Bar or under the Poster Image of the content you would like to preview.



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