Simulated Live broadcasts allow you to use a pre-recorded video and schedule it to play at a specific time as if it was a live stream. 

The main difference between simulated live and having a video file that someone can play on-demand, is that all viewers who visit your page view the same stream at the same point in time, similar to what they would see if they were viewing the 

For example, if a simulated event starts at 10:30 AM, and someone joins your broadcast at 10:40 AM, they will join the feed at the point where everyone else is viewing the feed. Fast Forward and Rewind functions are not available when online attendees are viewing your simulated live video.

Since the simulated live feed is synchronized for all viewers, your viewing community can interact with your content in real time via features such as live moderated chat. Simulated Live functionality also allows you to re-schedule the same video at different times. 



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