Add Links to your Content and Channels

Channel links appear in the top navigation bar and Content Links appear below your videos.
To add custom links to your channels or content, sign in at

Navigation is done by selecting options in the Navigation bar at the left.  

  • Click on the "Ellipsis" Icon on CHANNEL or CONTENT Thumbnail to edit the features associated with the Content. 





Add Links

The process of adding links are the same for both channels and content.

Navigate to Links in the edit menu for CONTENT or CHANNELS.






Click on the + sign to add your first links. Add the external links you wish to link to via the URL option.

HTML links can be added and will open a modal where you can provide paragraph text or lists of links to your attendees. 


Each link you add needs to have an associated icon. Choose an icon by typing the name if the icon you wish to display. This is required.

For a list of link icons, please reference this list.


Choose whether to open the form in a new browser tab or in a modal (pop-up window). Be sure to test links you choose to open in modals. Some sites do not allow their links to be opened in modals.

Existing links can be moved, duplicated or deleted using the tool-icons at the right.




Adding a link for your audience to initiate one-on-one chat with a host



Chat requests will be appear in the Chat Host Panel during a broadcast.

Read more here about Chat and Audience Reactions. 

Integrating Giving

Brushfire Offers Giving Integrations with popular giving providers (Planning Center Online. Tithely, Online Giving, Paperless Transactions, Givelify).


Select your Provider and add your unique Key which can be obtained from your provider or in your Giving URL.

When adding a giving link, choose [ ] INTEGRATION. Locate your key in your giving URL e.g.

Add your Key in the field provided. Click SAVE.


Planning Center Online

When adding a giving link, choose [ ] INTEGRATION. Locate your key in your giving URL e.g.

Add your Key in the field provided. Click SAVE.


When adding a giving link, choose [ ] INTEGRATION. Locate your key in the code that is generated when you create a give button via customers will get a block of code with a pre-styled button and two <script> tags.

Provide us with the Script for your giving buttons and the data-church-id parameter of the button.

<button class="tithely-give-btn" style="background-color: #26af5f; border: none; color: #fff; padding: 8px 20px; font-size: 15px; cursor: pointer;" data-church-id="XXXXX-ChurchID">Give Online</button>

<script src=""></script>

var config = {};
var tw = create_tithely_widget(config);

Add your data-church-id in the Key field provided.


Click SAVE.


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