Seamless integration between your Brushfire Registrations and your online events are now even better than before with built-in Attendee Validation in Brushfire Online. 

1. Create your Channels and Content in Brushfire Online / Church Experience

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Decide if you want to give your attendees access to specific channels or content based on their selections in your event form.

You can give attendees access to channels or specific content based on their registrant type selection in Brushfire Ticketing Registration.

2. Restricting Access


A valid attendee number will grant your attendee access to your channel/content. When an attendee has the incorrect credentials for the content, a message will be displayed.


Restricting Access to a Channel


You can limit the number of screens allowed per attendee number in the Brushfire Option in your Channel Edit Menu.

Restricting Access to Content

In addition to an attendee's registrant type selection, you can also make specific content in a channel available to attendees based on their Attendee Field selection in your Brushfire Registration form.


3. Connect your Audience to your Content

This help article explains how attendees find their links for their online event.

Send your attendees the direct links to the content or channels they have access to via Brushfire's built-in email scheduling tools or send them to your Online event where they can find the channels or sessions they signed up for. 


A single Brushfire Online subscription for your organization gives you access to unprecedented flexibility to connect your registrants to your online content. 

You can count on our support to create professional and reliable streaming options for online conferences, services, webinars, classes and more. Integrate Brushfire Online with Brushfire’s proven suite of event ticketing, registration, and management tools to take your events to the next level.

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