How do I send attendees their access link for a virtual event?

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The easiest way to send your attendees the link to your event in Brushfire Online is to use the email tool in Brushfire!

Never sent an email through Brushfire before? Click to learn how to send an email to your attendees.

Let's get started:

Inside the Brushfire email tool, you have a few options. For this email, you'll want to select the "I want to send an email to EACH of this event's attendees" and send to "Email" options.

Your fields will look like this:


Next, create the email as normal adding your copy and content. The important part happens in this section. You will want to paste the link to your online event in this section, and then add a reference to their attendee number by clicking fields, and then Attendee Number in the dropdown as shown below. This way, people will be able to click on the event link and then easily reference their attendee number to gain access to the event.


Expert Tip: You can also add the attendee number and the online link together as one embedded link! You can see an example of this below.

Example 1: Online Brushfire Event Link + ?a=%%Attendee Number%%

Example 2: Number%%

Make sure there are no spaces in between the URL and "?" part (not including the space in the "%%Attendee Number%% field 😊).

This link will allow attendees to pass through the Access Wall (Paywall) and have direct access to your content without ever typing in their attendee number!

Communication Tip: We recommend sending out the links a few days ahead of time and the morning of the event. That way, your attendees will be ready to join as soon as the event begins! 

Click here to learn more about restricting access to your Online Event.

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