Setting Up Your Event Channel

Channels have a few functions in Brushfire. First, they can store different types of content. Second, if you are using Brushfire Online to host an event, they can grant different types of access to different attendee levels. We will discuss this further below.

Pro-tip: Create your channel before promoting your ticketing! This will give your attendees the smoothest experience to using Brushfire Online.


Add a new Channel

Sign in at

Go to the “channels” tab on the left sidebar.

Click the + in the top right corner.

Add your channel details and click “next”.

Availability Settings

“Make this Channel Private” means that your channel will be completely hidden from attendee view and will be internal use only. It will only be accessed by a direct link.

If you would like to have the contents of your channel not show right away, you can set it to be visible at a certain date and then also remove it from visibility when attendees no longer have access.

Brushfire Event

To connect your Brushfire ticketing event type in the event number (the 6 digits found at the end of your URL on your event URL). Once the event number has been entered it will bring up each attendee type. You can give access to the channels to these attendee types by clicking the checkbox and setting the max number of screens. To give any access to the channel it will need to be set as one. We recommend allowing 2-3 screens per attendee.


Header Image - This will appear at the top of the page, right below the navigation bar on all pages in the channel.

Thumb Image - This will be displayed on the content card when the video is upcoming and within the video box if clicked on before the video opens.

Logo - Appears in the top right corner of the navigation bar.

Show Detailed Settings

Choose whether you would like to customize your channel appearance to differ from the appearance that you set when editing your organization details.

Default Video

The default video is the video displayed in the channel when there is no live content. This is often something short like a welcome message.


Add any URL for your attendees to click that will appear in the navigation bar.

*To add videos below the video please click here to learn how to add them to a piece of content.


If you have a Zendesk or HelpScout account you can turn on the integration so that attendees can click on the icon in the bottom right corner to access your team for help.


Save! You are now ready to Add Video Content to your Channel.

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