How do I add Access Codes to my events?

This article focuses on creating and enabling access codes that attendees can apply at checkout to apply a discount to registrations or tickets in their cart.

For information on creating codes that calculate and applies a discount to registrations or tickets in someone's checkout cart, take a look at How do I create Promo Codes for my events?

About Access Codes

ATTENDEE TYPE ACCESS CODES unlock hidden registration options like VIP Tickets or Staff Tickets you are making available for free or at reduced price points to registrants when they apply an ACCESS CODE on your registration page.

EVENT ACCESS CODES can be configured to give individuals access prior to the publish date you set in your event's Visibility settings tab.

SEAT ACCESS CODES can be configured and applied to individual seats in your Assigned Seat Ticketing Event's Seat Editor.

Creating Access Codes

In Brushfire, you can create and assign Access Codes for events via the Access Code Edit Tab in your Organization Dashboard.

Access your Dashboard when signed in with your administrator username and password by clicking on the menu icon in the top left of your screen.



Once in the Dashboard Navigate to Access Codes.



Configuration Options

  • Create Standard Access Code
    Create an access code that your customers can use to access tickets, seats and events.
  • Create Template Access Code
    Create a template code that can be used to create access codes dynamically. These templates will not be available for customers to acccess tickets, seats and events. E.G. When needing to create 50x One-Time use access codes. These templates will not be available for customers to use on purchases. This has to be done before creating Dynamic or Multiple Codes with the same configuration.
  • Create Dynamic Access Code
    Quickly create batches of unique codes based on a template you have created. You'll be able to specify a Prefix and the system will generate random or sequential access codes you can distribute. You also have the option to upload a list of Codes with Descriptions if you have an existing list of codes you would like to make available for use on your Brushfire Event(s).

Next you can build your code using the Presets or the Use Custom Values option in the Promotion Code Builder.

NOTE: Brushfire Support will be happy to help you set up promotion codes beyond the basic configurations. Incorrectly set up promotion codes could result in unintended loss of revenue if not tested properly. 


Once you have picked your preset, you can choose the event. If you are creating an attendee type(s) access code, you'll be able to select the registration options to which this code applies.

PRO TIP: Create your registration type first and disable it temporarily until you've added your 

Access Code. 

Move the Attendee Type to the top of your attendee type list in your Attendee Type Edit Menu in your event's edit dashboard to ensure that attendees immediately see the unlocked option after they have applied their Access Code.



Also remember when creating a registrant or seat access codes, that the dates you choose are the dates that the code will actively be hiding a registration type or saving a seat. When the code expires, the registration type or seat will become available to the public.



After successfully creating your Access Code, test it by viewing your registration page as a customer by using the View as Customer Link at the top of your registration page.



The Access Code Box will not appear if there are no valid promotions configured for items in the cart.

Below you can see the view as your customers would see it.


Once the Promotion is applied you will see the registration type revealed.

Below you can see how it would appear to attendees after entering their access code.



Please Note: If your event uses both promo codes and access codes, be sure to specify where the code you provide needs to be entered. Access Codes are entered on the event registration page to Unlock hidden registration options and Promotion Codes are added at checkout to calculate the discount.


Event Access Codes

As explained earlier, you can give select individuals early access via adding an Event Access Code.

To enable an event access code that has been set up, your event's Publish Date needs to be in the future. This can be set in your event's Visibility Edit Tab.


The Access Code Available Dates will determine the validity of your code to give early access. 

After setting up your Event Access Code you can test if it is working properly by viewing your registration page as a customer.



Event Access Codes

As explained earlier, you can give select individuals access to specific seats in your Assigned Seat Ticketing Event.

To apply a seat access code that has been set up, you'll need to select the seats you wish to apply access codes to in your event's Seats Edit Tab.

  1. First Select the section where the seats are located.
  2. Highlight the seats you wish to apply a code to.
  3. Click the "Gear Icon" to view seat edit options.
  4. Apply the Code!



Seats that have codes applied are indicated with a "lock" icon when viewed in the seat editor.


Seats protected with Access Codes will simply be grayed out when viewed by the public.

When someone has an access code for seats, they have to enter the Seat Access Code prior to choosing a section on the seating diagram.




Please feel free to contact us using the Submit New Request option at the top of the page if you have any other questions for our team!












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