In Brushfire Online you have the options of three different types of video content. Live, Simulated Live, and On-Demand. Below, we will break down each time and link to an article where you can learn how to use each in Brushfire Online.



Live content refers to any content that you will be streaming directly through the Brushfire platform. You can do this by using the embed code from Vimeo Live, YouTube Live, or you can bring your own! All we need is your embed code. See tips here on how to run a live video in YouTube or Vimeo.

Simulated Live

Simulated Live refers to content that is prerecorded and uploaded to either Vimeo, YouTube, or Facebook. Once you have uploaded your video to one of those video providers simply add the video url into Brushfire Online. With simulated live you will set a date and time for the video to play. This will also allow features such as chat and interactions.


On-Demand content is exactly how it sounds! Using a Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook link, or a Resi event ID, you can make content available to your attendees at any time! They will be able to simply click on the content and click play whenever they would like.

On Demand Videos are displayed in order of recency as determined by the Original Air Date and Time for the content. The most recent content will be displayed first. If you have multiple pieces of content with the same Original Air Date and Time, the content is ordered alphabetically.

Pro Tip: To change the order in which your On-Demand content is displayed, please feel free to adjust the time in the original air date you provide.


That's it! Once you have decided on the content that works for your event you can start setting it up with more information here. Start adding videos to your online Channel now!

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