There are five default delivery methods in Brushfire:

1) E-Ticket: Attendees will receive e-tickets attached to their confirmation email once they place their order that has individual QR codes on the tickets for each attendee.

2) Email Confirmation: Attendees receive only one confirmation email with all their order information and one QR code for the entire order, rather than per attendee.

3) Mail: This option allows attendees to have physical tickets mailed to them. You can send the tickets out yourself, otherwise, Brushfire will send them out for you for an additional fee per order.

4) Point of Sale: This is an admin-only option that allows you to place attendee's orders in person but skip most of the required information at checkout for a faster checkout process.

5) Will Call: Attendees are able to select this option if they want to pick up their tickets when they arrive at the event.


Alternatively, you're able to add new delivery methods as needed! To do this, you can go to the Delivery Methods tab from the dashboard and then click the green "Add Event Method" button at the top of the page. It will give you the option to add the name of the delivery method as well as a description for it which will show up for attendees at checkout.




To choose what delivery methods should be available for each event, go to the "Delivery Methods" tab when editing an event. It will give you the default option of only sending out a confirmation email or you can choose to send out e-tickets with every order. The third option is to manually select which methods you want attendees to be able to pick from with the ability to turn them off or on for admin or for everyone.


After you select the available delivery methods, attendees will be able to select from them at checkout.



Please note: Any added delivery method outside of the default methods Brushfire already has will only send a confirmation email. If you need to send e-tickets but need the description to be different than the default description, you can edit the E-Ticket delivery method from the dashboard to change the description.

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