YouTube and Brushfire Online are a great combination! While we recommend you researching YouTube’s articles in regards to live streaming here are some common FAQs with Brushfire Online.

For in depth information on how to run a YouTube Live Stream please click here. 


Q. Why isn’t my livestream appearing in Brushfire Online?

A. Most often this has to do with the settings in YouTube. Please double check that your stream is set to “Allow Embedding”.

Q. Why is my video blank in Brushfire Online?

A. Please double check your url. The easiest way to make sure your url is correct is to go to YouTube and right click on the video. Select “Video URL” and make sure that is the correct one in Brushfire Online!

Q. Am I able to run multiple streams at once?

A. There are limitations with this with YouTube. Please confirm with YouTube that your account allows for this.

Q. Which privacy setting should I choose?

A. Choose “Unlisted”. Private videos cannot be viewed by anyone besides you. 

Q. Can I remove the YouTube logo from my embedded video?

A. If you feel comfortable experimenting with some advanced features of embedding, you can reference this help document from YouTube to see options available with their service:


Learn how to set up pre-recorded content from YouTube for Brushfire Online here.

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