The Event Creator is a new way to create your event in Brushfire.

With the Event Creator, you can now launch your event in minutes! Easily go through the five main sections, you will have the option to preview your event as you go. 

Here's a quick walkthrough!

Choose how you'd like to start. We have created templates to make the process even faster.

Want to start from scratch? Great! Give us some details and you're off to the races.


Let's make it look good! Tell people about your event, the information they need, or make the final push to get registrations.

Next, upload your artwork to make it your own. Don't have any artwork at first? No problem, you can add it later.


Tell us about your attendees! Are you selling tickets or gathering registrations? Using Assigned Seating or General Admission? The options are endless, so set-up your event to fit your needs.


Every event organizer needs information from their attendees. Get everything here. Ask specific questions, separate buyer and attendee information, or don't ask anything at all!

Choosing assigned seats? Upload a seating chart to get started.


Oh, that looks good! It's time to launch! Once you've laid out the basic information, your event is ready to go! View your event, share your event, or go to the dashboard to make changes.

Don't forget Brushfire is a robust system, so if you didn't see a specific feature, you can adjust it in your dashboard.


Need more help with the Event Creator? Just reach out!


Want to give it a try? Set-up an event!


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