Subscription Plan Options

The Brushfire Subscription plans allow a client to pay one monthly price for the use of Brushfire. Included are registration for unlimited events, and access to the online platform for virtual events. There are two pricing levels within the subscriptions 

1) Pricing for Churches - These plans are based on the total congregation size of weekly attendance.

2) Pricing for other Organizations - These plans are based on the total number of attendees combined for ALL events over the course of 12 months. 

You can see the breakdown of the different levels for both options on our pricing page here

For organizations in the Custom Pricing tier, reach out to our team and we'll give you a quote.

Transactional Plan Options

An alternative to the subscription plans, these plans do not require a monthly payment, and instead are billed based on attendees. 

Our standard plan is $1.50 + 1% for your paid attendees, and $1 for free attendees. Inclusion of the Brushfire Online platform is an extra $1 per attendee. Note the chart below. (These fees can be passed on to the attendees). 

  Paid Events Free Events 
Registration Only - In Person Events $1.50 + 1% per attendee $1 per attendee
Virtual & Online Events  $2.50 + 1% per attendee $2 per attendee


These plans can make sense for organizations that have fewer events throughout the year. With transactional pricing, an organization will only pay during the months in which there are active registrations. 

Flat (One-Time) Pricing Plan Options 

With this pricing option, instead of having a monthly subscription or a per attendee fee, we can offer a one-time price based on the volume and needs of your event. Simply contact our team and we'll walk you through the options. 



Am I locked into a subscription?

While we don't currently require you to commit to a subscription, if a subscription is cancelled, the event data, dashboard, and attendee details are no longer accessible. If you're thinking you may cancel, it might make sense to go the transactional route, as you'll always have access to the data, and will not be charge during inactive months. 

What if I need to cancel?

If for some reason you do need to cancel a subscription, contact our team, as we do have some creative options to keep your account open so that you do not lose your information. 

Can I switch between subscription and transactional?

Every case is different, but we definitely will work with you to make sure that you are happy with your pricing plan. Don't be afraid to reach out to see what kind of options you may have.

What is included with these plans? 

Our standard service of event setup, registration, connection to an online event (if applicable), and all of the communication, engagement, and reporting tools that come alongside. There are additional options that may come at an additional cost, like assigned seat layout creation, automated social distancing, a custom built attendee event app, attendee support & call center, hardware rental, onsite support, and more. If you're interested or have any questions, just ask

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