This is part 1 of a 3 part series on Product Updates for March 2022.

Redesigned Attendee Experience

Let’s walk through these changes from top to bottom! First, you will notice there is no longer a Brushfire Header at the top of your event pages. Now, your event graphics and information will be the first thing to catch your attendees’ attention! Your event’s Title, Sub-Title, Date & Time, and Location will appear at the top of the page under your Logo or Header Image.


Please note that the displayed Location will now be a link to its map view. Furthermore, if you have Sticky Information, that will also still appear at the top of the screen, just below your event information, in a highlighted gray box. (Reminder: Sticky Information is found on your Dashboard, in your Event Configuration, under Content).

Details vs. Get Tickets / Register 

The biggest redesign you'll notice on this page is that we have broken up the details of your event and the ticketing & registration process into two pages you can toggle between named DETAILS and GET TICKETS or REGISTER.


The content you have in Event Information is what will appear in the DETAILS section of your event page. (Reminder: This is found on your Dashboard in your Event Configuration under Content). What used to appear above and below your event’s list of Attendee Types has now been combined.


From the Details section, attendees will have the ability to select GET TICKETS or REGISTER at the top and bottom of the page.


The Attendee Type descriptions will still appear below the Type Names in the GET TICKETS or REGISTER section. (Reminder: The Descriptions are found on your Dashboard, in the Event Configuration, under Attendee Types).

Event URLs 

The DETAILS section will be displayed first, by default, if you have content present in the Event Information fields. If you do not have any content in these fields, then when your event loads, it will default to the GET TICKETS or REGISTER section.

For example, the event displayed above would default to the following URL: https://brushfire.com/demo/students/475971

However, if you have Event Information present, you can bypass DETAILS and direct your attendees to GET TICKETS or REGISTER by adding /tickets or /register to the end of your event URL. For example:

  • https://brushfire.com/demo/students/475971/tickets
  • https://brushfire.com/demo/students/475971/register

Assigned Seat Ticketing

Assigned Seat Ticketing has new seat selection and filtering options that help attendees quickly find available sections with their desired quantity and price level of tickets. In addition, the Assigned Seat Ticketing is now faster and more streamlined on mobile devices.




In an effort to not overwhelm your attendees with multiple ticket and group options, they will now have the option to first select if they are registering as an Individual or to Create or Join a group in the GET TICKETS or REGISTER section.


Registration Forms

Completing forms with Buyer Fields or Attendee Fields is now more streamlined and easier to Manage, including the option to Skip Details, Send as Gift, or Copy Information.


Cart & Checkout

After selecting the desired number of attendees and continuing, in the ticketing and registration process, the Cart now appears in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. 


The streamlined process of Checkout now includes a summary of details about the order and an easier to complete checkout form. In addition, if your Payment Gateway supports Apple Pay or Google Pay, those options will be present.


Event Lists

All your events will display as thumbnail images in a grid instead of a text-only list. You can add event thumbnail images in your Event Configuration or Brushfire will supply a default image based upon your event category. Attendees will find a search bar and a place to set a date range to look for specific events. The results will populate in the new thumbnail layout mentioned above.


Please note that the event Thumbnail is the same image that is set as the Social Sharing image in the Tracking section of your Event configuration. Thumbnail size - 1200px wide by 630px tall @ 72dpi.

Map View

To display a map of your events on this page, you can direct attendees to this URL with the highlighted text being required: https://brushfire.com/demo?view=map.


Next up: Part 2 of the 3 part series on Product Updates for March 2022.

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