Product Updates for March 2022: Managing Orders, Groups, & Attendees


This is part 2 of a 3 part series on Product Updates for March 2022.

Managing Orders, Groups, & Attendees

We are excited that Attendees now have a quicker and easier way to view all of their Events in one easy-to-access place! 

Find My Tickets

At the bottom of each page, attendees can use “Find My Tickets” to effortlessly access all of their events. Upon entering their email address, Brushfire will send them a link that provides quick access to their Orders, Groups, or Attendees.


Attendees can select an event and then manage their Orders, Groups, or Attendees for that event. This will include options to share their tickets, download a PDF, join or leave a group, and edit or complete registration forms.



Sharing Tickets & Registrations

Attendees now have the option to share a ticket or registration with someone! When managing their tickets or registrations, attendees can provide a recipient's email address, and they’ll receive an email. The email will contain event details along with a link to view the new Mobile Ticket.


What’s a Mobile Ticket? We’re glad you asked!

Mobile Tickets

We're pleased to announce something brand new for you and your attendees! By default, all attendees will have the ability to access a ticket that contains Event Information, a QR code for check-in, and more options. In addition, with the all-new attendee sharing features, it's now easier than ever for attendees to distribute tickets or incomplete registrations with friends, family, or co-workers. Whether attendees are riding solo, bringing a group, or need to send a ticket to a friend they're meeting at an event, sharing is now quick and easy.


Brushfire Sign In

Please be aware that if your attendee has created a Brushfire account, they can sign-in or out at the very bottom of the screen, in the far right section of the footer, as well as gain easy access to their current or past events.

Next up: Part 3 of the 3 part series on Product Updates for March 2022.

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