This is part 3 of a 3 part series on Product Updates for March 2022.

Admin Updates

With all of the exciting attendee updates, there are a few implications for you and how you use Brushfire on a daily basis. 

Customer View

When reviewing your events, you will notice that Customer View opens your event in a new tab within your browser to show you the redesigned attendee experience.

In addition, at the top of each event page, you will see a small link, visible only to Event Organizers that are signed in, that will take you back to your event’s Manage page.


Dashboard URLs

Going forward, when you Sign In to Brushfire as an Event Organizer, certain pages will now live at app.brushfire.com, including your Dashboard and Start page. Rest assured, you will be able to create and manage events, place orders, and run reports the same as always. However, you may have bookmarked your Dashboard or Start page. These used to be at brushfire.com/start and will now be app.brushfire.com/start. Don’t worry, if you continue to use the old URL, we will redirect you to the new URL automatically.

Dashboard Sign In

When you visit brushfire.com and click Sign In, you will sign in to Brushfire the same way that you always have. You may be required to sign in again after the product updates launch.

That's a wrap!

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