How to create a FAQ document for your event.

A good FAQ can dramatically reduce the number of calls you get from attendees who need basic information about your event. Provide a link to your FAQ on your Brushfire registration page or at the bottom of all your attendee communications to provide an excellent experience for your event attendees.

If you still have too many calls for information or have to handle over-the-phone ticket sales, consider adding call center service to your event.

Here are some questions to answer in a good FAQ:

When will registration open?

Promoting ahead of time creates demand and allows your community to spread the word about your event. Combine this with pricing tiers. e.g. early bird, late- and at-the-door price tiers will help create urgency among your constituents. Pre-Release Tickets and Special Access Codes for VIP Groups or Church Members will also help create the right some fun ways to promote your event.

Remember to configure your event page's branding and social sharing tools early to help your attendees spread the word!

How many seats will be available?

Advertising limited availability helps to sell out tickets. If you are going to sell out, consider selling tickets to live stream access or a simulcast broadcast of your event. Brushfire provides an easy option for selling live stream tickets.

Are tickets refundable?

Many event organizers advertise clear deadlines for refunds or a clear refund/exchange policy in their FAQ. Refunds in Brushfire are easy. And referring to a policy you have put in writing somewhere on your registration page always helps.

Can volunteers attend your event?

Recruiting volunteer registrations are easy in Brushfire. Add special rates and customized registration form fields for event volunteers easily to your registration page. Free registration types like volunteer registration or added childcare registration forms are free to add to your events at no charge per attendee.

Can I use someone else’s ticket if they aren’t going to use it?

Typically any valid ticket can be scanned in to give the ticket holder access to an event. Encourage community exchanges on social media if you typically receive requests from attendees who can no longer go after the refund/exchange period has expired.

Learn more about how our scanning app works.

How can I sit with my friends?

A clear seating policy encourages and helps everyone find good seats. Advertise clear times when outside doors will open and when auditorium doors open. Some conference organizers ask attendees not to save more than 3 seats and ask saved seats to be released seats 15 minutes prior to the start of each session so that all seats can be filled.

If you have numbered seats in your auditorium, consider providing us with your seating chart and setting up assigned seating for your event! We specialize in assigned seat ticketing!

Are group rates available?

Brushfire provides robust groups registration options and group rate options. Groups can be created and group rates can be locked in for attendees who join groups at later dates. If people travel to attend your event, you can use Brushfire’s built-in communications capability to communicate with your group leaders to disseminate information. Special groups check-in arrangements and packet pick-up for groups help to avoid long lines at your information desk.

Do I need to book a hotel room?

Brushfire provides customizable hotel information links if you use special room block management services or group travel services. Our standard hotel links offer basic information to your attendees based on proximity to your venue.

Can I bring my infant?

It is typically accepted that nursing mothers may bring infants. Do you have rooms available for nursing mothers? Be clear about available childcare options at your event and consider adding childcare registration to your event so you can ask ages and allergy information to manage class capacities and allergy information.

Have you considered adding a streaming option to your event for moms who are not able to attend because of childcare challenges? Some conference organizers have found this option to be a great success for many moms of young children.

How do I receive a scholarship?

Consider offering scholarships or adding donations add-ons to your event forms to cover scholarships for attendees. A popular option is to enable gifting on some registrations that can be purchased and sent via email to someone.

Who do I call if I have questions?

Only make your phone number available if you will be able to handle phone-in requests. If you have more than 1,000 attendees, consider adding Brushfire’s call center service to your event. We comfortable handle high call volume and will help you handle over-the-phone purchasing.

Will there be wheelchair accessible seating or sections for the hearing impaired?

Communicate a contact number for handicap-accessible seat requests or information about services for the hearing impaired.

How do I become a vendor or a sponsor?

Set up Vendor registration forms and Sponsor registration forms in Brushfire and keep track of deposits, cancellations, and refunds using Brushfire’s robust reporting and registration management tools!

Can I volunteer?

Few events happen without the hard work and love that key volunteers bring to the table.

Specify membership requirements and age requirements for volunteers in your FAQ and consider special volunteer registration forms to establish team structures to empower your volunteers with the information they need to serve well and to care for your attendees. Volunteer page.

I already have a ticket but want to change to a volunteer ticket. How do I do that?

Event organizers can easily process exchanges or change ticket types within an event. If you are using Brushfire's call center service, we can help by handling attendee requests like these for you.

Will childcare be available?

Attendance for community events or performances can greatly vary based on your ability to offer childcare at your event. Nursing mothers may bring infants to the event. Communicate locations or availability of nursing mother’s rooms can be a great help. If you don’t offer childcare, offer alternatives! We recommend offering live streaming tickets for attendees who can’t attend in person.

Brushfire's flexible forms allow you to collect allergy information and even limit class capacities for certain age groups, to stay on top of your event's childcare needs. Brushfire's built-in label printing capabilities can be harnessed for smooth childcare check-in and child pick-up. 

Are seats assigned?

If your auditorium has numbered seats, contact us to create a seating plan for your next assigned seat performance. We specialize in assigned seat ticketing and Christmas Productions.

I can’t find my original confirmation email with my tickets. Can I have that sent again?

You can always access past orders you placed and resend confirmation emails at:

Can I buy a meal ticket?

You can add pre-purchased meal tickets to your registration forms! Contact us if you would like to add a note on customized e-tickets to avoid having to print lunch tickets or wristbands.

If lunch is available for purchase at your event or off-site, it is great to provide a link to a list of nearby restaurants to your event registration page.

What is the schedule?

A link to an up-to-date schedule is always a good idea. Consider using Brushfire’s Event App to send push notifications to your attendees if there are any schedule changes or breakout session updates.

What’s next?

A great way to promote other upcoming or related events is to promote them at your event. Add an e-ticket advertisement to your ticket layout.

If you want to get ahead of the game for your annual events, consider offering auto-registration at your events. If you use Square as your payment processor, you can use the Brushfire app to simply scan an attendee's existing ticket and process their payment in the app to pre-register them for next year.

Brushfire offers event organizers a great way to communicate your event details and check in credentials to your attendees. Use Brushfire's built-in email tools to send out a survey to your attendees and use our flexible promo code generator and time enabled ticket type tiers to sell out your next event!

Contact us to learn more about many of these and other options to make your attendee experience better and your life as an event organizer easier.

We have the tools and the team to make your events happen!




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